Sononymus for Viola

Sononymus for Viola with, subtitle ACEH in Memoriam, is written in December and January 2005. 

During that period on December 26, Indonesia suffered catastrophic damage as a result of a tsunami. In less than an hour, one of the biggest tragedies in our history left more than 280.000 people dead,  approximately the same number as the population of my own nation. Although having to deal with the harshness of nature almost every year, this tragedy struck me extremely hard, it was confusing, it was hard to imagine and worst of all no one to blame, it was mother nature, her self.

I decided to use the name of the ACEH province as the main theme for the composition and it turned out that with very few exceptions these four notes do say it all. 

Sononymus for Viola is the last piece written in a series of works named Sononymus for various solo instruments and live interactive computer-generated sounds. 

Score (excerpt)


Audio (live recording)

Sononymus for Viola and interactive electronics. Performed 2005 by Thorun Ósk Marinósdóttir at Salurinn, Kópavogi, Iceland