The unique proximity of Iceland to the relentless forces of nature, along with its majestic natural beauty, shapes its history and culture. Grinding winds whip around mountains and rooftops, and rumbling forces shake the ground in an unsteady rhythm, along with smoking geysers and glowing lava. This ever-changing raw nature shapes creatures out of the landscape and creates a particularly fertile soil for boundless imagination.

From this soil sprout stories of elves, trolls, hidden people, ghosts, and past entities. Stories that become folktales and dig deep into the national psyche, stories of eternal struggle and ways to live in some kind of harmony with nature.

Why do we find beauty in a landscape that is created and randomly shaped? What is this ominous beauty that we see in the growing forces of nature? These questions evoke a myriad of other thoughts, constantly searching within me and re-emerging in an unrestrained interest in creating a musically enigmatic landscape, shaped by undefined forces of sound that at the same time transform into diverse creatures.

This nature, this landscape, these stories, along with my interest in Nordic mythology, are part of my origin and have unconsciously and consciously shaped me and my vision.