New work in progress!!!

Performance scheduled in 2025


Sort Glimmer – Hrafntinna – Black Obsidian (2020-2022) 
for large ensemble and mixed media, duration 25:40
Featuring a digital conducting glove (Maestra) for live control of electronic sounds. Written together with conductor/composer Halldis Rønning. 

Goblins from the Land of Ice (1995) 
Interactive multimedia work, duration 90:00
Written for the Japanese-American, Harupin Ha Butoh Dance Theatre.
Live interactive sound and video.


Órar (2020-2022)
for symphony orchestra, duration 15:20

Lupus Chorea (2008 – 2012)
for symphony orchestra, duration 19:10

Violin Concerto (1987)
for violin and orchestra, duration 15:50
World premiere by the Iceland Orchestra, with Gudmundmundur Emilsson conducting, at the Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik, 1987.


Arctic Circles (2013)
for percussion and orchestra, duration 21:00
Written for the Bodø Sinfonietta and percussionist Jennifer Torrance.

Þrír staðir í Japan – Three Places in Japan (1993)
for trumpet, piano, and percussion, duration 19:30
Written for the Ymir Ensemble.

Ensemble and Interactive electronics

Kuuki no Sukima – Between the Air (2017) 
for nine instruments and an interactive conductor, duration 21:30
Written for the Trondheim Sinfonietta. Featuring a digital conducting glove (ConGlove) for live control of electronic sounds.

Hljóðs bið ek – Hearing I Ask (2014)
for five instruments, interactive electronic sounds, and video, duration 42:20
Written for the AJO Ensemble.

Hringir I (Cycles I) (2010)
for flute, clarinet, and cello with interactive computer sounds, duration 8:10
Written for Ensemble Defun.

String Quartet

Pyrox (2020)
for String Quartet and interactive electronics, duration

Opera and Voices

Silence I Ask (2013/rev.2018)
For Voices, Interactive Conductor, and live Electronics, duration 14:30
Written for the Choir of Kjartan. Conducted by Hilmar Thordarson.
Revised 2018, including Hilmar Thordarson’s use of a Digital Conducting Glove.

Farfuglinn – The Migrant Bird (2010)
chamber opera with live computer processing sounds, duration 53:00
Written for Strengjaleikhúsið at the Dark Music Days Festival in Reykjavik, 2010.

Tvö Tungl – Two Moons (1997)
for soprano and piano, duration 21:38
From the book of poems Tvö Tungl by Icelandic poet Gyrðir Elíasson.
World premiere by Marta Halldorsdottir and Örn Magnusson at the Kopavogur Faculty Concert Series, Iceland 2001.

Solo with electronic

Tephra (2020-21)
For Clarinet and interactive electronics, duration 14:28
World premiere by Gudni Franzson at the Erkitíð festival in Listasafn Reykjavíkur, Reykjavík, 2021.

The Sononymus Sequence(2013)
for various solo instruments and electronics using interactive technology

A collection of thirteen works.
Three on various CDs: Sononymus for Flute, performed by Martial Nardeau; Sononymus for Recorders, performed by Camilla Söderberg; and Sononymus for Piano, performed by Tinna Thorsteinsdottir.

Bronze (2013)
for solo percussion and real-time sound processing, duration 10:40
World premiere by Jennifer Torrance at a Klang & Etterklang concert in Bodø, Norway, 2013.

Sononymus for Trombone II, Helgileikur – Sacred Game (2009)
for interactive trombone and real-time sound processing computer sounds duration 12:45
World premiere by Helgi Jónsson at the Dark Music Days Festival in Reykjavik, 2009.

Sononymus for Trombone I, Sonographic Ocean (2008)
for interactive trombone and real-time sound processing computer sounds duration 10:15
World premiere by James Fulkerson in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2008.

Sononymus for Piano, Meitlað í stein – Hewed in Stone (2006)
for interactive gesture-sensitive piano and real-time sound processing computer sounds duration 8:20
World premiere by Tinna Thorsteinsdottir at the Dark Music Days Festival in Reykjavik, in 2006, and many other performances worldwide. Released on Tinna Thorsteinsdottir’s CD entitled Graphic Games. Play on Spotify

Sononymus for Bass Clarinet (2006)
for bass clarinet and live real-time interactive computer-generated sounds, duration 13:25
World premiere by Runar Oskarsson at the Kopavogur School of Music Faculty Concert Series, 2006.

Sononymus for Electric Guitar (2005)
for electric guitar and live real-time interactive computer-generated sounds, duration 12:30
World premiere by Kristinn Arnason at Thórdarson Portrait concert, 2005

Sononymus for Viola, ACEH in Memoriam (2005)
for viola and live real-time interactive computer-generated sounds, duration 17:15
World premiere by Thornunn Osk Marinosdottir at Thórdarson Portrait concert at the Salurinn Music Hall, Kopavogur, Iceland; subsequent performance at Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2005

Sononymus for Human Body (2004)
for a human body and live real-time interactive computer-generated sounds, duration 8:40
World premiere by Hilmar Thórdarson at Dark Music Days Festival, 2005.

Sononymus for Trumpet (2003)
for MIDI-controlled interactive trumpet and live interactive computer-generated sounds, duration 11:45
World premiere by Aki Asgeirsson at the Gaukur á Stöng” Bar, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2003.

Four by Four (2002)
for Yamaha WX5 MIDI-controlled electric wind instrument, computer-generated sounds, and interactive video images, duration 14:21
World premiere by Camilla Söderberg at Die Alten Smedie, Vienna, 2003.

Sononymus for Oboe I, Hljóðrými – Sonoscopic Ether (2012)
for interactive oboe and real-time sound processing computer sounds duration 17:50
World premiere by Eydís Franzdottir at the Dark Music Days Festival in Reykjavik, and also in Prague, 2011.

Gefjun (2000)
for violin and guitar, duration 9:40
World premiere by the Duo Concordia, in Helsinki, Finland, 2000. Released on their CD entitled Duo Concordia. Play on Spotify

Sononymus for Flute (2000)
for flute and computer-generated sounds, duration 12:10
World premiere by Dorothy Stone at the Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland, and later by Martial Nardeau at Salurinn Music Hall, Kopavogur, Iceland 2001. Other performances by Melkorka Olafsdottir, Tallinn, Estonia, 2003; and Seattle, Washington, USA, 2011. Released on a CD entitled Side by Side. Play on Spotify

Sononymus for Recorders (1999)
for recorders and computer-generated sounds, duration 18:45
World premiere by Camilla Söderberg in Salurinn Music Hall in 1999.

Sononymus for Oboe I (1998)
for oboe and semi-live interactive computer-generated sounds, duration 7:20 
World premiere by Eydís Franzdottir at Thórdarson portrait concert at Salurinn Music Hall (1999)

Kveðja – Elegy (1990)
for solo viola, duration 3:45
World premiere at the funeral of Thórdarson’s grandfather Pall Tomasson in the Church of Akureyri, Iceland. Released on Svava Bernhardsdottir’s CD entitled Svaviola, 2005. Play on Spotify

198K (1990) 
for flute and violoncello, duration 7:10
World premiere at Thórdarson portrait concert at Kjarvalsstadir Museum, Reykjavik Iceland in 1992.

Ó gula undraveröld – Oh, Yellow Wonderworld (1989)
for solo piano, duration 8:52
World premiere by Örn Magnusson, at the Young Nordic Music Days Festival in Helsinki, Finland, 1990. Released on his CD Sprotar, 1991. Play on Spotify

65 Mels per Hour (1988)
for solo violoncello, duration 14:50
World premiere at Mel Powell’s 65th birthday celebration at Roy O Disney Hall, California Institute of the Arts,1988

Samkennd – Sept-train (1988)
for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, percussion, and piano, duration 12:10
World premiere by the Caput Ensemble’s opening concert in Gamla Bíó (Old Cinema), Reykjavik, 1988.

Computer Play (1988)
for viola, piano, and computer, duration 7:20
World premiere by Svava Bernhardsdottir, Anna Gudny Gudmundsdottir,
and Hilmar Thórdarson at the Reykjavik Art Festival in Reykjavik, 1988. This was the first live performance in Iceland of mixed music using live digital computer technology.

Næturljóð handa sólkerfinu – Nocturnes for the Solar System (1984)
For mixed choir, duration 14:30
From the book of poems Ljóð vega menn by Icelandic poet Sigurður Palsson.
World premiere by the University Choir of Iceland at De Ysbreeker (Ice Breaker) in Amsterdam, Holland (1984)

Piece for Clarinet and Piano (1982) 
for clarinet and piano, duration 8:40
World premiere by clarinetist Gudni Franzson, and Anna Gudny Gudmundsdottir, piano, at Young Nordic Music Days in Oslo, Norway. Released on the CD What Have They Done to Gudnis Clarinet, 1990. Play on Spotify